Business Benefits – Web Design

Business Benefits – Web Design

Web design in Milton Keynes


Now-a-days most of the business owners are looking for responsive ecommerce website design for their business.Having a responsive website has become the emerging trend as it allows your website to adapt in a controlled style to fit the different screen sizes devices. In a Business Insider Report, it is reported that 54% of adults in US own smartphones and about 25% own tablets. In roughly 3 years, the number of tablets alone will overtake the number of PCs and by 2016, about 450 million tablets will be sold worldwide a year. That’s why many e-commerce business have paid more attention to go mobile.


Moreover, the users can have an optimal viewing experience on any device type, no matter how big or small. Except this, there are many advantages of having a responsive website design for your business. Let’s check it out.


According to a study of Morgan Stanley, almost 91%of the people have smartphones, therefore, having a Magento responsive design can help to enhance the user experience by delivering a well-formatted site to its users worldwide. Making your site quickly accessible on mobile devices is necessary for businesses these days. In a responsive design, the device automatically adjusts according to a device’s screen and orientation. Also, it has a remarkable navigation control that is scaled for different device types and deliver access to all the content with ease.


One of the greatest benefit of responsive design is it delivers an enhanced site experience which can lead to a stronger conversion rates in the future. A ForeSee Results’ report said 54% of respondents are highly satisfied with their mobile experience and more likely to buy from the retailer’s mobile channel again. It uses standardised style sheets for many devices and creates a consistent look that delivers a positive impact on your conversion rates.


If you have two versions of your website – one desktop version and one additional stand-alone mobile version then you must be cautious of losing traffic to your main website. You will have to take extra effort to manage two different sites. Responsive website design enables easier and less time-consuming management to a single site. The administration interface are flexible and optimised and you as a business owner can access it with ease on every screen and device.


Improved SEO of your site


A responsive web design is always recommended for your business as it has single URL that represents to desktop as well as mobile users. It becomes easy for search engines to index responsive site, discover content and crawl correctly. This is the main reason why responsive sites scores high in search engine results as compared to other website. Your users will be able to find your site quickly thus generating more traffic.


Improved brand reputation


If it were some years ago the visitors might have accepted your business website accessible to them on their PC. But the contemporary websites have improved their standards thereby raising visitors expectations and requirements. They expect a company website to look good on any mobile device. If you don’t meet their expectations you are likely to spoil your brand reputation to your prospects. Offer customers and visitors a solid experience and always stay ahead of their expectations by designing and developing a responsive website which inturn increases your brand reputation and encourages good words about your brand as a whole.


Web design in Milton Keynes

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