Why Responsive Web Design is Important for your Mobile SEO

Why Responsive Web Design is Important for your Mobile SEO

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The Popularity of Mobile Friendly Websites

The first step towards starting mobile SEO is to design a mobile-friendly website. There has always been a debate between having a responsive website or a separate mobile website. Both the options have their pros and cons, which need to be considered before making a decision. Factors such as the purpose of the website and target audience etc. need to be taken into consideration while discussing whether a business needs to go for a responsive or separate mobile website.


Why Responsive Website?

As discussed earlier, both the mobile and responsive websites have their advantages and disadvantages. In this blog post, we will talk about the reasons why a business should go for a responsive website design:


Google Recommends Rresponsive

Matt Cutts, the Google Spam team head has always spoken in favor of responsive design. The search engine too has recommended responsive and gone far to refer to the design as the best industry practice. The reason behind this is:


Responsive website has one URL and same HTML, making it easier for Google to organize, crawl and index content. A separate mobile site will have different URL and HTML than its desktop counterpart, so Google will have to check with index multiple options. In addition to this, the content available on responsive sites lives on one website, making it easier for users to share and interact with the content.


Compatible with Many Devices

A responsive website design provides better user experience across different devices, irrespective of the varying screen sizes. If a website offers better and consistent user experience, it will definitely be liked by the visitors. A mobile site on the other hand is specifically designed for a particular device and screen size.


Easy Management

A business will have to invest separately for SEO campaigns for mobile website and desktop version. Managing a one site and SEO campaign becomes easier and less expensive for the company.  However, the same team of SEOs can take care of the responsive website, which is beneficial in terms of time management and money.



Businesses are opting for responsive websites because of the great benefits that they come with. It gets easier to manage SEO campaign, provide better user experience to audience and rank better on SERPs, when you have a responsive website.


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