Brochure WP websites – are they worth it? Milton Keynes

Brochure WP websites – are they worth it? Milton Keynes

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Brochure WordPress websites – are they worth it?


Most SME’e or start-ups go down the traditional brochure website route, this is because it proves to be the cheapest website option choice when starting out or working on a budget.


What is a brochure website?
A brochure website is a website template that is widely available to any developer to use in order to create one or more finished products for his/her client. The development process can still be complex, but, it gives the developer or agency a foundation to work from almost immediately.


Is a brochure website worth it?
Yes, if you are a small or medium-sized company that is looking to establish some kind of online presence but lack in the funding of getting a bespoke website designed, then a brochure website is a great choice.


How long does it take a developer to build a brochure website?
This can be answered in multiple ways, but, it will always come down to what functionalities are required in the build. For example: If a client wants a website that has functionalities such as an e-commerce store with multiple products this will be a lot more complex to build due to various payment gateways that will need to be integrated in order to make sure everything works correctly.


How much do brochure websites cost?
An estimated price for a professionally integrated brochure website could cost between £2500-£15000 depending on the functionalities required. If the developer has to do any custom coding in order to achieve the results you are after this can also put the price up. We would always advise clients to have a good understanding of what they want the website to do and what they see it doing in the future so that the website is developed with that in mind.


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